ER-101/102 clocked by Machinedrum

Hey Folks

Since a couple of days I’m a proud owner of the ER-101/102 sequencer. First of all I want to thank Brian for this wonderful piece of equipment he brought into existence. When I unpacked this thing I was just overwhelmed how beatiful this thing is. Just everyhing about it. The matte grey color which just feels sooo smooth., the black PCBs and the nice buttons and encoders just the name a few things… Fantastic.

So I bought this thing to use it in live situations clocked by a Machinedrum.

First I tried to send a Pulse on every 16th note (which would make a 4PPQN) out of one of the seperate audio outputs of the machinedrum to the ER-101. This gives a rather coarse resolution so I decided to try 24PPQN.
On my 2nd try I converted the MIDI clock from the machinedrum with a Kenton Pro Solo MKII to a 24PPQN clock and sent it to the ER-101. Everything is rock solid. so far so good.


I would like to integrate an Arturia Keystep into my workflow. So I decided to try if I can do without the Kenton box and convert the Midiclock directly on the Keystep. Sounds good on paper but it didn’t make me happy at all. It was drifting a bit. A bit too much. If you would reset the sequence after 64 16th notes it wouldn’t be noticeable. Without reset it with just be out of sync with the machinedrum after a while. This doesn’t happen with the clock from the Kenton converter and I find this kind of a bummer.

I wanted to ask what your experiences with clocking the ER-101 in a similar setup are.
Do other people also have those troubles with the clock from the keystep?
What is your experience with converting MIDI clock to 24PPQN clock?

cheers André

Welcome Zwicky!

I think the reason why you are not getting much of a response is that your issue has little to do with the ER-101/102 and is more of a question about the Arturia Keystep. Have you tried asking Arturia?

Hey Brian
Thanks for your answer. I know that its not a problem from the er101 side. I just wanted to see if other people tried similar setups and if they were more successful than me…
Anyways, it works fine if I use the clock from the Kenton box(derived directly from the MD midiclock) so i will stay with that.
Its not the most elegant solution but it works.