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ER-101-102 custom panel


hi guys here my er-101-102 combo for me is very beautifull seems another sequencer :slight_smile:

Alternate black panel for the ER-301

Very nice - are you doing a run of these too?


I really do like the idea of the ER-101 marrying the ER-102 in this kind of hookup, but oh how I’d like this in the Original flavor!


How do I get one of these holy moly :drooling_face:


Nice job! I agree that it looks much cleaner that way. :wink:


So Mr. @odevices I’ll gladly buy one in Original flavor at your convenience.


You be waiting a very very long time. :smiling_imp:


Before it looked like soviet area silo tech. Now, US submarine tech!

If you do a run, Add me to the list!


ciao !
If I could get preorders for a minimum of 30 panels, no problem, otherwise the cost to produce less than 30 would be too high .
A quantity of 30 panels is not convenient anyway because the panel is made with cnc and traditional silk screen .



I am sure we can manage that – please count me in and let me know when you need cash, I can PM you if that makes it easier to keep track of?


ciao Kel thanks . no money before the possibility to make it .
Those who would like the panel can tell me here in this thread (please do not flood me with individual messages for now ). If we reach at least 30 interested buyers, I can consider making the panels , will let you know the price quote soon .


I’d take one. Hoping you make the er set available. I didn’t grab the black 301 because I didn’t want the 101 to feel lonely.


I want 2 please :slight_smile:


6 folk wanting one of these so far?

24 to go before this is a reality :slight_smile:


23 to go :slight_smile: I will take 2
maybe few facebook posts will help…


I might one or two. Depends on cost and ease of installation.


Cost I am guessing similar to the ER-301 panel - maybe a bit more - 45 Euro or something like that? Maybe a bit more. Obviously this will only be confirmed if / when the quote is done at the time we reach 30 units.

Ease of installation, ~15 minutes and not particularly challenging.


there is ER-301 black panel available?


Count me in.


There was, but that is closed now and unlikely to be repeated - sorry!

Maybe someone will sell you theirs!? Try asking here: