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ER-101-102 custom panel


Count me in for at least one gray version…ill buy a second if needed… :grin:


I’m in, too!!! This looks way more legit than 2 pcs version :wink:


Hey! :pouting_cat:


Count me in, and thanks!


please count me in!



17 to go by my reckoning (might be wrong but it’s close enough!) :slight_smile:


I’m in for one please !


Giving this a bump as with my interest there are only 15 more needed for @paulstone to make a run. Maybe if you are considering getting the ER-102 in the future you consider getting in on one of these so when that day comes…


I’m out. Sorry.

In livery, at least, I’m on a Nostalgia trip.


Bumpity bump!!

I think this is the first time I have bumped anything on this site - it’s not looking good is it :upside_down_face:


Can I have one please?


one for me please!


Can you do er101 solo?


The panel is for both modules, but, if you are careful with that hacksaw you could trim the 102 part off, file the edge and jobs a goodun👍




hi Guys, I thought about making the 101-102 combo for two reasons: the first is that I find it very fascinating and a complete sequencer, the second one that costs less to make a single panel than to make 2.


This would not look good. The lettering would be off center and don’t have the tools for the job. I would only back an er101 as don’t have the er102 at the moment and don’t plan to get it


Could we possibly get the front panel design files from Brian / Paul for our own diy panel?


yep all you need is in OD wiki page


Thank you