ER-101/102 loop points not working

Beating myself up. Is it possible to just loop within a single pattern?

Just trying to loop step 3 to step 5 within the same pattern. Can’t get it to work. If you have an ER-102 does it change the behavior some way?

You can set the loop points on any step. I wonder why you can’t get it to work? Do you have the STEP display focused when pressing the LOOP buttons? Having the PATTERN display focused will cause loop points to snap to pattern boundaries.

Also, rereading pages 21-22 of the manual might help.

Yes, have “steps” focused. I can set the loop points to any steps, and they retain the red light, but it isn’t affecting the actual sequence. Sequence still plays all the way from beginning to end.

Are you in HOLD mode?

No, realized that would cause a different behavior so have been doing in edit mode and toggling back to run to see the outcome. Is there any setting on the 102 that could cause it to not take affect?

Are you perhaps editing a PART that is not currently active?

That sounds like a possibility. Diving into the 101 again after a long hiatus, and have since hooked up the 102 (not much time on the 102 yet). How can I tell which part is active on the 102 display? The number will have a dot next to it?


Will check it out and report back in the morning. Thanks Brian.

That was it, set or active part was #6. Not sure how that happened. I assume parts are saved in snapshots?

By the way, thanks for making one of the greatest sequencers (in any format) ever.


The pleasure is mine! :heart_eyes_cat:


I was having the exact same issue…also with part #6. This is seriously the most amazing sequencer. From an outsiders viewpoint, it looks like it’s going to be horrible to make music with…but it’s so well thought out. Thank you Brian!