ER-101/102 pitch quantisation?

Hi everyone,

I’m still very new to the ER-101/102 and in the middle of going through the manuals, watching videos and practising. My biggest open question right now is: How do I quantise pitch CVs to a musical scale?

If I didn’t miss anything the Math operation “Quantise” doesn’t help here, because it can only apply a fixed spacing in between notes. So if I want to quantise to a musical scale I need a specific user voltage table for that? Is there a place where I could download voltage tables for common musical scales?

However, using a scale voltage table would restrict me to this scale. It would be more flexible if I could apply random pitch operations and then switch between chromatic and “quantised to scale” on the fly (with Group modifiers).

Is that possible without an external 4 channel Quantiser?


Okay, I found the scales. Of course they are all in the Reference tables – just not all mentioned in the manual, that’s why I thought they’re not there.

The remaining question is: Is it possible to change voltage tables via Group modifiers? I guess the answer is “no” – so this would be a wish for a future update.

Those scales are not really part of the “official” package because I always considered them as user-contributed scales. So I’ve documented them on the SD card and included the python scripts that generate them. I hope I didn’t cause too much confusion. :bowing_man:

Have you considered putting multiple scales inside one voltage table?

Yes, thanks, I know about that, but I would consider it more as a workaround here. Selecting/swapping voltage tables via Group modifiers (Slope) would open up more spontaneous interactions with voltage tables, but I fully understand if this request is too specific.

No worries, it only caused minor confusion. :wink:

It honours you to not mention all included voltage tables because they’re partly user-contributed, but I think it would be helpful to have a complete list in the manual – and you could just mention there that they are user-contributed…?

Where is the best place to give feedback on the manuals in general?

For instance there’s only a little chart in the ER-102 manual with the line “add A (when G≠0) or set S (when G=0)”. In another thread here you replied to my question about “Set” with “The MATH transforms are different when you have attached the ER-102. In this case, the S operation doesn’t appear until you set the G operand to zero because multiple operations are applied with each transform.” In my opinion including this in the manuals would help to not overlook this information.

Another short and clear sentence that would have saved me from struggling to understand how Group transforms work would be “All Groups are always active simultaneously!”

I’m not mentioning this to complain! With every day of learning I’m even more happy with the ER-101/ER-102. I just think that any small improvement in the manuals would contribute to fewer new users getting frustrated and giving up on these great sequencers too early.