ER-101/102 Video Tutorials

I just received my gently used ER-101/102 combo (thanks to the forum member who brought it to the group’s attention) and need to start digging in, the only problem is that there is no Neil Parfitt for this side of the Orthogonal Devices house of Amazing Modules (Neil has made some incredibly helpful videos for the ER-301). I know that Brian has done excellent work on the manual, it’s seriously one of the best and portends great things for the ER-301 manual, but sometimes video with explanation of someone talking about what they are doing allows us to go just a little bit faster in our learning.


+1 for @NeilParfitt ER-101/102 videos!!

I don’t even like tutorial videos and I still would like to see this happen :smiley:

my advice

read the ER101 manual, front to back and again
watch the videos - master that a bit…

then the same for the ER102 – Brian videos are pretty good, I wasn’t left questioning anything.

Yeah I think between the manual and 101/102 videos Brian’s got it covered.

Who knows though, I might be inspired to to 1-2-301 combo video :slight_smile:


Hope it’s ok to put these here (I couldn’t find a more suitable thread to add them too :thinking: - these aren’t ER101/102/301 tutorials per se but do give an insight into how I’m using all my Orthogonal devices together for my live system (funnily enough two rig run downs in the same week … not deliberate at all just how things fell into place):


They are AWESOME and I for one appreciate them being shared here!!!

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Thanks! :+1:t2:

As much as I want to stop everything and watch these, I will not do it until this firmware is released!download


Those of us stuck on novelty as an excuse to not find productivity are counting on you.

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One thing mentioned in the videos that has also struck me recently is the use of the voltage reference tables to interact with other gear, e.g. the Sequential Switch Matrix is great but I always struggled with the CV in for sequencing changes, the ER-101 makes this super easy, super reliable and I use it more as a result. If I am not careful I am going to end up using the ER-101 solely as a control centre for other things!


Obviously I agree but yeah I agree - I think its a part of the ER101 that is really overlooked or even realised by many (including myself on occasion)

Yeah - definitely!!

I was thinking of selling the SSM, I have had good results but it always felt a little out of control. So, I thought I should have one more go at it, and instead of just going at it, do some tests, work it out properly etc… and naturally ended up using the 101 to output very specific voltages.

Sorted! It instantly all made 100% sense and came off the for sale list because it’s amazing :slight_smile:

I think you also mentioned that you had barely scratched the surface, of all the modules I own this pair perplex me the most, I think I have a handle on it, then it does something and I am lost again - usually the math transforms and forgetting to clear previous actions which means they get repeated and confuse the hell out of me because I thought I was only doing one other thing. It’s a head wrangler at that level for sure and this is where I think some videos, or preferably written step by step ‘for dummies’ tutorials explaining how to set up basic things would serve the community well.

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Haha yikes…hauntingly accurate reduction of a lot of my experience with music technology.


@vcoadsr love your work mate.

don’t big up the 101/102 too much, its our secret power :wink: :joy:


I notice you’re on a significantly older iteration of the ER-301 firwarer there @vcoadsr. Is that an indication of age of the video (i haven’t had a chance to follow the links on the Youtube page to find details of when this recorded) or is this a current choice? Any particular reason if so?

…actually I’ve just been listening to the Yuma recording on Souncloud. Great set!

Ha! Thanks mate! :+1:t2:

Yeah, you’re right lol “must keep the secret safe” :rofl:

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I’m now on the latest version of the firmware - the Mylar melodies video was filmed last November (I think) hence the older firmware.
Thanks for listening too :+1:t2:

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@vcoadsr it is really inspiring to watch this! thanks for sharing!

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SonicVoltage just posted this as part 1 (It alone is 1 hour 21 minutes of tutorial/review): Orthogonal Devices ER-101 ER-102 Indexed Quad Sequencer REVIEW (1/2) Eurorack Sequencer Modules - YouTube


Haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but Wow…:heart_eyes: