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ER-101/102 Video Tutorials


I love his style. The time machine segment at 2:48 is pure whimsy.


Great rundown of your use of the ER devices, nice!

Thanks for the mention, :+1:

Hopefully I got details right… I didn’t say it can also make coffee!!! :joy:

Thanks! :joy:



I just finished watching :heart_eyes: and I came away very impressed with your ability to communicate and teach such complex material, and all without error or glossing over details. It was also a real treat for me to see the ER-101 get such a luxurious treatment by a user even though the ER-101 has been out in the world for almost 5 years now. If that is not the polar opposite of hype, than I will eat my hat.

Thank you. :bowing_man:



One more thing. If I may request (or suggest) for your part 2 video that you talk a little bit about what kind of person (or workflow?) would have a rough time with the ER-101/102 “way”. You clearly have thought deeply about the ER-101/102 with an objectivity that people can trust.


Thank you so much for your comment! I truly appreciate it. :+1:

Yes, I was actually going to mention (then forgot) the fact the ER-101 has been out for 5 years and still… a top device today. I am pretty sure, no one buys any eurorack multi-track sequencer today without considering the ERs as an option, head to head with any more-recent device.

So it was maybe created next year, you travelled back in time… and released it in 2013! :rofl:

Now… hurry up with the ER-801 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Holy crap! That’s just absolutely epic. Both SonicVoltage & Brian. New respect for both of these units.


Uh oh. He is on to me. No problem though. I’ll just make sure his parents never met. :timer_clock:




Foresee a drastic increase in sales after all the vids/tuts are complete. Better buckle up @odevices xD


this is excellent

at 17:00 I did think of a feature request for the ER101 – something like a double click of the CVA or B button allows you to increment from 0 to 10 > 10 - 20 > etc. or better year 0 > 5 > 10 > 15. – a single click back to each number.


great work thanks, looking fwd to Part2


I finally understand why I love the look of the ER-101. Just couldn’t put my finger on it for the longest time… :grin:


Part 2 is up.

I didn’t manage to cover all of the ER-102 in one video, so this is around 40min and covers the PART’s features of the 102 starting from using only the 101 with loops and expanding from there with ER-102 Reset To etc… Transitions… Muting Tracks… etc… and also self patching one ER-101 Track CV/Gate Outs to the ER-102 CV/Gate Parts controls Input

I hope it shows things ok. Looking forward to keep going on Groups, Record and SD Card section in following videos.

Thank you


Thank you so much! Keep up the excellent work!!


A great description and walkthrough of Parts.

The sequence really highlights the opportunities available for variation from just a single sequence copied to each of the four tracks. Really opened my eyes.


@zengomi Thanks!

@momo Thank you. Yes, it’s amazing how much variations you can achieve by combining different sections (steps or patterns) in different ways from one sequence over 4 tracks. You can surely fit more tracks in one snapshot this way :slight_smile:


These are solid! Nice Work!! :heart_eyes:


Better later than never… PART 3 is out: Groups
INVERT to quickly invert transforms, Group selection Invert & Rotate for quick edits…, example of setups and use of Group Modifier Busses… Also full patch description for each voice used in the patch (simple patches)


Thank you! I haven’t watched it yet, but I know it will be highly informative and entertaining.


Yeah! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

That’s how it’s done😎