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ER-101/102 Video Tutorials


Amazing series of tutorials. Thank you! :pray:


@odevices, @debolish, @zengomi

Thank you! Not sure when the last part will be ready, hopefully soon. Other stuff in the way, was also totally reorganising my modules, so most of them where not even in the case until late last night :slight_smile:


Got round to watching this and it is ace, thank you. :slight_smile:


WOW - PART 4 from @SonicVoltage:


@zengomi @odevices @debolish @iPassenger @Unity2k @NeilParfitt @gaspard @tom_hall

Thank you for your replies guys! I realised I had not thanked you yet! :slightly_smiling_face:

@odevices I am ready to review the ER-103 now… how close are we to release? :smile:


I especially liked the last bit where you go over the good and bad :wink:

Note on the delete function in step record mode: I had actually forgotten to implement it until v2.20 of the firmware. :laughing: I think you made the video with v2.17?



Argh… you release updates faster than it takes to install them! :joy:
Which is great! :heart_eyes:

I am running v2.19, the one just before! :roll_eyes:
I will mention that in the description under the video.

Sadly YouTube does not allow for tweaks or replacement of videos (anti scam measures) after a video has been uploaded. But if I do some updates-video I will pay more attention to the firmware versions and highlight stuff I missed in the previous videos.

Thank you for checking the video out!

Edit: I just installed v2.21 (better late than never!)


excellent videos @SonicVoltage! i really enjoyed this last one, a great summary and you covered the “hard” bits of the sequencer great, thanks for your work!


Thank you :smiley:


This is an excellent series of videos - thanks!