ER-101/2 as Trigger Sequencer

I love all the Robotopsy videos but thought this one should be reposted here:

I would love one of those expanders!!


@odevices Brian he mentions in the comments

Robotopsy Robotopsy
4 months ago
Brian from Orthogonal told me that he used 2 different types of jack for the ER-101. The ones on my devices can easily have some pins soldered to it. And it’s more easy to convert for this expander. I was supposed to make a small video on how to build this home made expander. Some users asked me and contected me for more infos on this so maybe I should put this back on my ‘‘to do list’’ and do a small vid. What is also very cool is that you still can

could you elaborate on the differences between the 2 different types of jack for the ER-101?

perhaps pics so I can identify which type I have the the pros/pitfalls of the differences.


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This popped up on my Youtube notifications from your comment there tonight which inspired me to PM Robotopsy about either making the video or making one for me - if I have the right versions of the ER-101/102.

Oh… I didn’t know this, have I got it wrong and it’s not a header after all?

Early runs of the ER-101 used 16PJ138 jacks that have wiring tabs that extend out from the PCB:

Since then I have adopted the PJ301M jacks that are easier to work with:

AFAIK, Robotopsy has soldered connections from the ER-101 output jacks to a bunch of toggle switches.

The header on the back of the ER-101 exposes two SPI ports. The ER-102 uses one of these SPI ports.


Talking with Robotopsy this morning he sent over a couple photos of what the modification looks like and was okay with me sharing them here:

He was also telling me of another panel he was thinking about making:

This panel would be a 42 HP Doepfer blind panel but it is possible to fit this into smaller hp unit as it is only passive parts and no power connected. You’re free to plug any signal you want and you can mute or change the destination of the signal… audio or clock and could work in both directions… switch between 2 different clocks for example. The switch control panel could be in a separate case outside of your modular case… like a skiff control surface… since no power is required


Argh, I thought he’d created a breakout from the SPI

Mw too - heh!