ER-101/2 Internal Clock

I’ve still got a ways to go in the manual, but I’m not seeing anywhere the answer to this, but does the 101/2 have an internal clock that can be used sans the clock input?


Don’t think so.

Manual (p.3)
“The ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer is an externally clocked and resettable 4-track sequencer.”

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Thanks @GiacomoB ! Mr. @odevices is there anyway an internal clock could be added? Perhaps using the reset button as a sort of tap tempo, or allow one of the encoders to set the tempo?

On the other hand, would a simple gate in, that I could “tap” allow me to set a clock? Does the clock signal need to be constant? I apologize if this demonstrates an ignorance with clocks in the modular world, but thank you in advance for any and all feedback.


The ER-101/102 system was designed as a slave device which means it needs an external clock to drive it. However, the input clock does not have to be constant. The ER-101 reacts to clocks instantly just like a true modular sequencer should :wink:

I have no plans to add an internal clock to the ER-101. :bowing_man:

I would like to add that in my opinion it is highly beneficial to think of clocking as a first-rate citizen and as such deserves a module (or modules!) dedicated solely to that purpose. A vibrant and flexible approach to clocking is one of the strengths of a modular and will insure that your modular is more than just a groovebox.


Totally agree with this 100%!

In my setup Pam’s New Workout, Time Wizard, Zorlon Cannon mk][, Turing Machine + trig expanders, Shuttle Control and any utility LFOs are all great sources of inspiration.

Yeah, just something in me that doesn’t want to dedicate space to a clock.

But I got a Pam’s on order. I have a feeling I’m going to be underwhelmed even though it is suppose to be great.
Fall back is the 301 can do clocks quite nicely. and the toolbox and synthbox each have a clock.

In other news, I’ve been eyeballing the 101/2 for a long time. From the first time I saw them in action I liked it. Something about it seemed to click. Now that I’ve ordered one, I’ve read the manuals, and it is one of those rare moments where the manual actually makes me want it more.

I think I can safely sell my Octatrack now. I’m working on an android sequencer that I can plug directly into the Polyend Poly, so in combination with that, the 101/2, and the toolbox I have all the sequencing I need. The toolbox can even sequence via midi should I have any other gear I wish to sequence externally.

So with a total of 9 analog oscillators, 4 voices from the synthbox, tons of potential voices from the SSP and 301 I should have all the synth I can handle. Oh yeah, the SSP will have a sequencer as well.

I don’t really need the toolbox, but because it is the series 2 hardware I’m holding onto it in case any future products from that product line are appealing. In terms of it’s sequencing it is still pretty disappointing.


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PNW is way more than clocks - but it clocks amazingly well, be sure to check out the delay and division combination - really good fun!

I know there are a ton of videos on Pam’s but this one helped me to see the light @anon83620728.

I’m pumped.



Good find - some great ideas in there - totally inspiring :smile:

I think you re really going to like it, PNW is definitely a keeper!