ER-101, are we limited to 99 values?

Hello all.
I hope I am missing a very straightforward technique or way of dealing with this, or maybe it has been answered somewhere else?

Suppose i have sliced a sample on more than 99 parts on the ER-301( the Morphagene can hold 300 slices), how could i assign each one to a different voltage-value coming from the ER-101 provided that the sequencer can hold up to 99 values per output?
hope you understand my question?
please make me feel stupid!

Pedant-alert: Each voltage table holds 100 values not 99. :wink:

You could use both CV-A and CV-B together to address 100*100 = 10,000 slices. Just think of CV-A as the bank select and CV-B as selecting a slice in the current bank. Then over in the ER-301 you would sum 100 times CV-A and 1 times CV-B together before hitting the slice parameter. You might need to fiddle with the final slice modulation gain to get everything in range depending on what addressing mode you are using but it is do-able.


Oh and one more thing that users (and myself to be honest) often forget.

You don’t have to keep the voltage tables constant and only sequence with CV-A and/or CV-B indices. You could do it the other way around. Keep the CV-A and/or CV-B indices constant and “sequence” by changing the values in the voltage table. This can be a very useful change of paradigm in some situations and you can specify voltages down to +/- 1mV.


thats the direction i had in mind thanks a million Brian! and really sorry for the 99 vs 100 i havent touched the modules for a long time as im waiting for the new psu, takes a lot more to arrive than it should.

gonna work it soon <3