ER-101 as preset storage for eurorack modules

Hey All,

I just had this weird thought that by using L-8 voltage table for CV-A and using CV-B as usual and by clocking ER-101 using manually triggered gates it could be thought as 8 voltages preset storage for eurorack, where each step could be thought as of next preset. Anyone has already explored this idea any maybe has any good tips?

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I haven’t used a 101 that way but I have used a malekko voltage block with the er-301 for patch memory.

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This is not a weird thought at all. Also, don’t forget that you can store your preset voltages in custom voltage tables also.

An idea from p32 of the ER-101 manual:

Your voltage tables don’t have to be monotonically-increasing. There is nothing stopping you from assigning CV index 80 to output 0V and CV index 10 to output 5V. Why would this be useful? Well suppose you are using CV to control accent in a drum beat. You could assign CV indices in the following manner: 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,… or any pattern that uses a small(ish) number of indices repeatedly. Now by adjusting the assigned voltage for say CV index 3, you can globally change the accent for all steps that have been assigned the CV index 3! You could set the output voltage for CV index 2 to 0V and turn all those notes off with one turn of the knob. The possibilities are endless.