Er-101 damaged?

Hi all, I just received a 101 (used) and seeing the following when turning on the module… I guess this is not a good sign :frowning:

Hmm yeah that looks pretty dead - very similar to what I did to mine and that was the main CPU and various other ICs :frowning:

I suggest contacting @odevices directly. Hope you can get it sorted, nothing worse than buying a dead module. Makes me wonder what happens in the brains of folk selling broken things, who does that?

Unfortunately, I never got a reply to an unrelated email I sent to Brian a couple weeks back, I hope he sees this thread.

That’s unusual - I am sure Brian will be in touch soon enough!

Heard only great things about Brian!

I looked through my inbox and junkbox. I don’t see any emails from you except the one you sent today.

That does look like the CPU is fried. However, after watching the video (in pain the whole time :cry:) I have to ask why you thought it was OK to turn on the ER-101 while it was lying on your metal rails shorting out the circuitry on the back? Please do not do that, because it is EXACTLY that kind of treatment that will kill a microprocessor.

As for a first diagnostic, I would bring it over to your computer and try updating the firmware via the USB cable. And this time please do not put the ER-101 on a conductive surface.

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We don’t know it was sold broken, do we? Postal workers and couriers don’t always take good care of the parcels they are handling, for instance.

True… I just took the OP at their word, and presumed the parcel was intact or they would have said so!

The person who sold me the module seems like a GREAT guy. Proposed to fully refund me the money. I have no idea what went wrong , and honestly, it doesn’t matter at this point. I’m with Brian over email to see if I can fix it (I solder smd). Hopefully I won’t have to ship the module and will fix it in the next week or so once I get the components needed…


Excellent - good luck! Please do let us know how it goes, I’d love see photos of the repair and learn about what you had to do to fix it.