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ER-101 Firmware Update Not working


I have one more thing you can try. Please type the following into the Terminal:

brew install libusb

Then try again after restarting the Programmer App.

Also, check in System Information under the Hardware > USB page whether or not the DFU AT32UC3C device shows up when you have the ER-101 hooked up to your Mac in DFU mode like this:

If it shows up here then there is most likely nothing wrong with your ER-101 and it is a software problem on the Mac.


I just send it out with the mail, so I cannot test it anymore.
It’s coming to you in a few days.


FYI, I updated my ER-101 using Mojave 10.14.1 and it worked fine.


Thanks for that information :bowing_man: I don’t have access to anything above 10.12.6 (Sierra) at the moment.


I’ve the same problem and I have Mojave, have you found a solution for this?




It does seem like some of the newer versions of the MacOs and/or hardware are having trouble recognizing the Atmel processor in the ER-101. I haven’t figured out why yet. In the meantime, I recommend trying a Windows PC or perhaps an older Mac.

If you guys can report the exact version of OS and what kind hardware and USB port you are using then that might help find the issue.


How did you solve it after sending it to Brian?


my MacOs is 10.14.2


Someone with 10.14.1 reported that it worked for them. How are you connecting the ER-101 to your computer?


I had to replace the processor in his ER-101 because somehow it got destroyed (I suspect the expansion cable was connected to power by accident), so not relevant to your issue.


as the procedure says, with your recommended amazon cable.


this is here. How can understand if mine is broken too?


So your Mac has a type A USB port? I thought newer Macs only had type C USB ports?

Sorry. I don’t understand what you are asking?


I have a HUB with a C to A adapter.


from where I can understand if my module is also broken like that of the other user.


I can visualize this from the system information…


The other user’s ER-101 no longer booted. His case is not related to your case.


So your Mac is recognizing the Atmel chip inside your ER-101?


I managed to solve by doing the process in a Windows 10 computer. Probably the Mojave version I own creates conflicts.

Thank you very much for your support. Now I’m going back to having fun with my ER 101 :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m glad you had a Windows machine available.