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ER-101 Firmware Update Not working


I have one more thing you can try. Please type the following into the Terminal:

brew install libusb

Then try again after restarting the Programmer App.

Also, check in System Information under the Hardware > USB page whether or not the DFU AT32UC3C device shows up when you have the ER-101 hooked up to your Mac in DFU mode like this:

If it shows up here then there is most likely nothing wrong with your ER-101 and it is a software problem on the Mac.


I just send it out with the mail, so I cannot test it anymore.
It’s coming to you in a few days.


FYI, I updated my ER-101 using Mojave 10.14.1 and it worked fine.


Thanks for that information :bowing_man: I don’t have access to anything above 10.12.6 (Sierra) at the moment.