ER-101 Freezes Once removing Pause

Hello all. I’ve had an ER-101 for a couple of years now and love it. But just yesterday, the whole module freezes once I bring it out of pause after initial power on. I have been using the same case for over a year with no issues and all other modules function normally. I removed all cabling, reseated everything, visually inspected the 101 and can see nothing wrong. It POSTs fine, takes clock fine, but within about 1 second after unpausing, it freezes and I have to power down and off my case. Any thoughts here on ways I can t-shoot this a bit more or rule out issues on my end? I’ve never updated the firmware since purchase…should I start there? Thank you in advance.

Any ER-102 connected?

Is your ER-101’s +5V source set to REG or BUS?

What happens if you start with a blank snapshot?

What firmware version are you running?

Have you made any changes to your case recently?

Are you providing the ER-101 with enough power?

Thanks Brian. The +5 is set to REG. I have not started with a blank snapshot but will give that a try. I did recently add a couple of modules, but removed them and the condition remains so I don’t think it’s a power issue. As for the firmware, I’m not certain. I haven’t changed it so whatever it shipped with (S/N 658) is what’s on there. I’ll confirm the firmware though for you.

I confirmed that my ER-101 was running firmware v2.09 after downloaded the programmer. I first tried to run the ER-101 with a blank snapshot and it still froze. So I proceeding with reuploading the v2.09 firmware and resetting the device. So far, everything is working again. I will re-visit this post if anything changes. THanks Brian.