ER-101 keeps running when I remove Clock

Hi Everyone I just updated my Er-101
To v 2.09
and it seems to continue running without a clock when I use the clock multiplier
Sending it a gate from Pamela’s New Workout
64bpm a division of /16
If I press Pause on the ER-101 it stops it from continuing
But if I press stop on the Pamela’s New Workout it continues, or I remove the cable clock cable from the ER-101 while it’s running
Any one else having this issue or is this normal
not sure trying to figure it out
Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

How long does the clock keep running?

5 steps, I have a video if you wanna see it

In that case, this is known and unavoidable behavior when using the per-track clock multipliers. The ER-101 cannot know that you stopped the clock until the next clock pulse turns up missing.

K great, I was not sure :slight_smile:
I appreciate the quick response and help!!
back to patching!