ER 101 Math issue

Hi, hoping someone can help here please!
When holding and pinning to change the math function, on the top right screen where it flashes ‘PIN’, I pin and then ‘DONE’ flashes in the pinned screen. Flashing ‘EDIT’ doesn’t appear at all, it just flashes ‘DONE’. I am able to edit the math functions I.e. I add a constant on the top right to 12 (CV-A) (under Math, Arithmetic in the manual), change the step, snapshot, duration and gate and apply these changes, the voltage screen is still flashing ‘DONE’, I am able to save the changes and afterwards I am able to press the math button and the Er101 applies the changes, as it should. But when I want to delete these changes and revert back to what it was originally (pressing and holding the math button, deleting and releasing math button) the top right 12 (CV-A) goes back to 0 but on the home screen, the changes are still transposed upwards by 12 indices when I play my sequence back, it doesn’t revert back to what it was prior to this. Am I missing something here, or is there a fault? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

The MATH transform is destructive. The MATH+DELETE operation only clears the MATH transform for the next time you apply it.

Thanks Brian, sorry I’m a bit confused, so if I added a new track/snapshot it would only apply to that? Is there no way to revert back to the previous state before math was implemented, as it saves the changes on my snapshots and I can’t revert back.
And is this normal functioning for math I.e. Should ‘EDIT’ be available on my pinned screen? Or do I need to reinstall firmware or anything?

The MATH function is an operation that you can apply multiple times. You seem to be thinking of it as a constant effect which it is not. The way to “undo” adding 12 is to subtract 12.

There is no dedicated undo operation on the ER-101. Some will use a snapshot as a quicksave that lets them get back to a previous state.

Ah ok, that’s useful to know thanks Brian. What does the manual mean in regards to pressing the delete button to reset the transform back to the identity transform? I knew you could apply multiple times, was just trying to undo. Cheers

The identity transform is jargon for a transform that does nothing, like adding zero or multiplying by one.

Ok thanks!