ER -101 - PEG - gate

hey Ryan/everyone! gate problem: when i connect the seq. to the envelope (peg 4ms ) (Track 1 Smooth activate: cvb out to cv in skew, gate seq out to trig in qnt, cycle disabled and then +5 env to vca) and i write gate 0 dur 4 on a step, i get a pause but the sequencer play the step evenly with some percussive attack without respect the smooth settings of the envelope. i would like to get a clear and silent pause

any suggestion?


I believe you should be using the Async trigger inputs on the PEG?

Also I’m not sure I understand this part:

I feel since the ER-101 is definitely not sending a gate on the step in question, the percussive attack must be coming from somewhere else?

I solved The problem, thank you ! :slight_smile: