ER-101 Possible Hardware Issue

Received an ER-101 in the mail today, bought on Reverb from the original owner. It shipped well packed in the original box. Plugged it in and all buttons are responsive except those to select Duration and Gate Length. Tried different cases and updating firmware to make sure that it wasn’t a power issue or OS glitch. The two LED’s light up during the start up sequence, but for whatever reason, neither of those two parameters can be selected for editing. Has anyone else experienced this or a similar issue?

I emailed Brian explaining the issue and my guess is that he’ll need the module sent in, but is there some super secret lockout that I am unaware of?

What is the serial number of your ER-101?

G-260 I believe. I don’t have it in front of me, but I did include it in my email.

Sorry for the late reply. May I have a picture of the back of your ER-101 please?. Specifically I’m interested in the area shown below:

That area is where the GATE and DURATION buttons are connected to the MCU. Specifically, pins 5 and 6 from the right.