ER-101 right side LEDs not lighting up

Picked up a second-hand 101/102 and noticed the right side LEDs on the 101 are not lighting up. Noticed this during my first sit-down with the unit, after an initial few minutes. To be clear, the LEDs were operable at first, and after a few minutes noticed they were not.

Have I missed something from the manual/button pressed my way into this? If not, can @odevices suggest a fix I can do on my end?


Your ER-101 is using firmware v2.05 which is known to have a problem with those LEDs when you connect it with the ER-102:

Update your ER-101 to the most recent firmware and you should be fine.

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Oops. Wait a minute. You are running v2.05p1 which should have the fix…hmm. Darn that lowers the probability that a firmware update will fix this. Update anyways and see what happens.

The other thing you should is check to make sure that the 3 nuts on the back of the ER-101 are not loose. It could be that display board is not seated properly and tightening those nuts could help reseat the board.

Thanks! Will do and will report back when I get to the unit today.

In lieu of a readily-accessible mini-USB (why are these things never around when you need them :slight_smile:) I went ahead and tightened the plastic nuts, and all is well. Thanks again @odevices.


Glad to see a happy ending here!

I used to have that problem with USB, actually all cables, but I got so mad with it I decided that I was going to take control, now I have a system :smiley:

It works… mostly!

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