ER 101 + Shuttle Control

First post here.

I wanted to know if anyone here has tried this combination of modules with their system?
Any thoughts?
I will get soon an iPad, and will maybe use it as my drum sequencer thru the endorphins shuttle control and I would be in perfect synch with reset settings with the ER101.

Welcome to the community! I don’t have the ER-101 but do have an iPad and Shuttle Control. Are you planning to have the iPad app provide the master clock via the Shuttle Control, and you’re wondering if the timing on it will be tight enough to use an event from the app to send a reset to the ER-101?

Do you have a specific app that you’re planning to use for drum sequences (and presumably to send the reset)?

Hello Joe,

Yes, you are totally right.

I wasn’t really into getting this kind of device before (iPad) for playing music but I watched the Patterning 2 app on Youtube last time and it looks like a good way of sequencing drums, I’m getting bored of my Beatstep Pro. And maybe get a better clock.

Did you tried it before ?

I have tried the original Patterning (such a great app!) with the Shuttle Control and had good results. I’ve actually been planning to upgrade to Patterning 2, so maybe I’ll go ahead and do that.

Like I said, I don’t have a 101, so best I could do is put the signals on a scope for you and see if they fall within tolerance, if that would help.

That would be very helpful ! Thank you.
Did you noticed some clock issue while running Patterning with shuttle control? Did you used one channel for resetting?
I don’t think there are many differences between the original version and the second one from the midi part.
But the fact that you can save BPM for each patterns and adjust a slow motion timing between them is really exciting in the new version.
I wasn’t a big fan of my BSP, and Patterning looked like one of the best software for drums sequencing!
Expanding my modular with an iPad will be a first experience for me as well.

My initial quick test indicates that you would likely have some problems sending timely resets to the ER-101 from this setup. For some reason, I thought in the past I’d been able to connect my iPad directly to the SC using the camera connection kit but I couldn’t get that to work for me. So I had to go through a Focusrite iPad dock - doubt that makes any difference but thought I’d mention it.

The yellow signal is clock out of the iPad/Patterning 2. It’s a standard 96 ppqn MIDI clock. The blue line is a unipolar note trigger event. I have one of the Patterning tracks set up to play on every step, set to 1/32nd note intervals.

It looks to me like the note events are coming pretty late in relation to the clock signal. If I have set this up correctly that would be too late for the ER-101 to acknowledge the reset for the clock pulse that it goes with - it only allows 0.5 msec and this is almost 18 msec.

I must admit part of me wonders if I’ve set something up wrong, as that seems like some pretty sloppy timing indeed. I can try some more later but thought I’d put this up in case you or others had thoughts.

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Thank you very much Joe.

Looks like I will need to find another way to reset my 101
Anyway I will still use this combo that seems to me really powerful on paper !

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Patterning is a really fun and versatile app. This limitation aside, I think you’ll quite like it.