ER-101 slight pitch change while in C0/0V

Hi everyone. I noticed that my er101’s 12et table is slightly offset (or maybe something it is not working properly).

For example while cva is set to 0.C.00 / 0V, it slightly alters the pitch of my Vco when it should be outputing 0V and making no change to the pitch of the vco. See link below

Have you seen this before? Did I change something in my reference tables by mistake?

0.C.00/0V is known to be the only value that the ER-101 cannot reproduce at the usual +/-2mV accuracy. The actual output for 0V usually falls somewhere between 4mV and 10mV(*). However, I think the pitch changes more than that in your video. Is it the same for all of your VCOs?

Also, did you by any chance change the display root in the track config screen?

(*) 10mV translates to about 12cents.

Just this weekend we were discussing common 0V on our meetup (dansk modular), and we drifted into this topic (not on er-101, but in general). The general experience were that more or less everybody had problems getting the 0V output of their sequencers and quantizers to be in tune.

Maybe you can share some thoughts on why this is?