ER-101 "sticking" Math button problem


I was wondering if anyone has had an issue where you click the Math button on the ER-101 and it acts like you are holding it? I go to do an operation let go of the Math button and the operations page is still there… The voltage window will still read “PIN”. I either have to push the Math button again or Pin it then unpin it. Does this sound like a hardware issue? Something else? It is oddly frustrating.

For the record: nothing out of the ordinary has happened to the module. I don’t gig or anything. I didn’t throw the module at a wall or dump anything on it. It has been treated with the love it deserves.

Thanks for any help!

Is this a standalone ER-101?
What firmware version?

@odevices Yes, standalone.


Is it intermittent or consistent?


I’m not sure but that sounds like your MATH button needs replacing. You are welcome to send me your ER-101 so I can replace it. Please send me an email and I will contact you with the necessary information.

Thanks, Brian!