ER-102: Enabling & disabling Groups

As I still learning the ER-102, I am more and more appreciating the power of group transforms. However, this seems to generate feature wishes :slight_smile:

As all of the groups are cumulative, this means I can not create a selection of steps in one group, without these steps being automatically affected by the active Group Transforms.

I would like to be able to prepare several groups with different step selection in advance (i.e. before a live session), and be able to enable/disable these groups at any time, so that I can choose which step groups shall be affected. Is there a way a reasonable way to add this? As always, thanks for reading!

Hey there,

This was posed to OD awhile back and the answer appeared to be that it was considered at the time the ER-102 was designed but it was opted as a no go. Here’s the thread below:

When I started out with the 102, I was of the same mind for awhile…It seemed when you had all tracks going, the ability to turn on and off edits on the steps you’ve chosen for groups would be so handy.

More recently, I’ve kinda taken a different approach that may or may not help your group use…

Originally my thinking was that steps within a group and group modifiers were the programmable parts of a group that you would spend time deliberately setting up and planning out. The jammable or playable part of the groups were what you patched to the mod bus.

Lately, I’ve approached it so the modifiers are the only programmable part of the groups. In other words, I spend a bunch of time setting up all the group modifiers so they do different things with different voltage and gate sources at the mod bus. I don’t worry about the steps at all, just the musical purpose of the group. Then I treat BOTH the step selection and the voltage/gate sources as playable/jammable variables. If you want a group to be turned off in this scenario, simply delete all the steps within the group while leaving the modifier intact.

Anyways, not likely exactly what you wanted to hear, but hope it helps. :+1:

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Looking at the other thread linked above I understand why @odevices decided to implement it like it is now regarding the voltage control paradigma. As it would have meant at least two more input jacks and one or two buttons like it is with the parts feature.

What I sometimes wish for is group settings being included in parts. So that different group settings could be achieved by changing parts. If you want the current behaviour you could still just keep the group settings consistent over parts then…

Thanks, I’ll try to think about the groups “the other way round”.