Er-102 exact depth with ribbon cable?

Hello everyone! First time poster, but I’ve read quite a few posts and have found them super helpful.

I was wondering if the ER-102 depth as listed on modular grid (30mm) includes the ribbon connector? I was hoping to put an ER-101/102 in one of the shallower 4ms Pod cases and from the specs it seems like it might just fit but I wanted to check before ordering the case. Has anyone put the er-102 in one of the 4ms pods? Should I risk it?

35mm from back of face plate to tip of cable header which connects the 102 and 101.

Ah okay - that’s 1mm too deep for the shallow 4ms Pods unfortunately. Oh well, there are plenty of other options for small cases. Thanks for the reply!

I was sure that I had measured the depth of the ER-102 with the ribbon cable included. However, it seems at the time (years ago :open_mouth:) that I must have used a ribbon cable without the strain relief. The strain relief now included on the ribbon cables does indeed add another 5mm. Sorry about that!

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