ER 102 - Group Modifiers Random/Jitter always the same sequence?

I am working on understanding the ER101/102 Combo - but I can’t figure this out:

If I want a step to spit out random CV from a indexed table, I can do this by making this step part of a group with a modifier (f.ex. low x = rnd 12).
But: Now it should generate a random CV each time it is triggered, right? In my case there occures always the same random sequence - it is locked. If I change the random amount, the sequence changes to a new one, but if I switch back to the old random value, it is the same sequence again.

I use the latest firmware.


Ups, I just saw that there is already a topic. And I didn’t use the latest firmware. Shame on me! This happens when the head is spinning because of those complex modules :slight_smile: Delete please!