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ER-102 Group modifiers


(Posted this on MW and thought I would move it over here)

I’ve been digging into the ER-102 and playing around with the Group modifiers. Trying to start simple with the X/Y/Z High and Low gate transforms and sending some gates from my Trigger Riot. The issue that I’m seeing is that it appears as though these transforms can take effect mid-way through a step, and I’m wondering if there’s some way to evaluate and apply these transforms only at the beginning of a step.

Essentially I want a sample and hold on the X/Y/X Gate input only when it’s a new step.

Any ideas?


That is correct. The timing of when high/low group transforms are applied is not internally quantized.

Here is an example of the kind of usage that guided this design decision:

  1. Set up track 1 with long steps that define the slow progression of a root note (e.g. walking bass line)
  2. Add all steps from track 1 to group 1.
  3. Set up high transforms on mod gates X, Y and Z to add harmonic intervals to group 1 steps.
  4. Now use a gate sequencer (synced to track 1) to sequence the 8 possible intervals on top of the track 1 bass note.

I could provide a CONFIG.INI setting that overrides the default behavior and has the current active group transform application applied only on the onset of the target step. However, it will be at least a month or so before I do another ER-102 firmware update. Just let me know and I will tag this topic as a feature request.


Thanks Brian. CONFIG.INI was the first place I looked. Definitely would be awesome to have it as a configurable option.


Hey guys,

apologies for raising an old thread, but I’m beginning to try and wrap my head around the group modifiers as well. Did I read the above correctly in that there may of been a setting added to the config.ini file which will delay the group modifiers until the onset of the next step?

Interesting use case above with the base line, need to try and understand that a bit better!



this would be a very useful option I think! :slight_smile: