ER-102: no live monitor when armed?

Any idea why I’m not able to monitor a track after it is armed? Either with or without the sequencer running. Once I hit record, I then hear the destination synth voice and can record as expected.


Have you checked out p.20 of the ER-102 manual?

Yep, I’ve studied the manual like a holy text. :innocent:

I was wondering if you had to have something in particular in ‘focus’.

I’ll play around with it more today. Thanks.

Thank you! :joy:

Focus should not matter. It sounds like you want to concentrate on the “Rehearse before recording” case (in the manual) where you need to be unpaused, armed, not punched in yet and have done something on the inputs that would have caused a new step to be recorded. If you are not using gates to trigger steps, then you will need to make sure a change in CV will trigger a new note/step (via the setting in the real-time record config screen).

Let me know how it goes.

Ah, it’s working now…

So it only passes when the unit is ‘unpaused’ or playing, correct?


That is correct.

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