Er 102 real time recording

Hi guys,

I have a question as I’m stuck with my er102 and thought you might be help to out.
Bassicly I have a eucledian rythm generator going into the gate of the er102 for real
Time recording and i have a separate cv sequencer for the melody. When I press arm everything works great, when I recorded it however a lot of steps are off and without a gate. Seems like the cv input is priorities as a way to move the recorded notes into a new step. The problem is that it completely changes my sequences and often leaves a lot of steps without a gate signal resulting in a far more spares sequences. Thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated

when you arm a track for recording you have a “setup page” on the er-101,
there you can set if a cv-a or cv-b change will result in a new step even without a gate.
it sounds to me that you have activated that option.
er-102 manual on page 19 explains this.

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Thanks a lot for your quick reply it’s very nice of you. I have disactiveted that option, but now it doesn’t add any new steps, but i can still hear them when it’s armed. My other sequencer has an output of: +5V with Pulse Width: 6ms is that too short to create a step? thanks!

i’m not entirely sure, on that described setup page there are also quantising option for gate and step length, you might want to add a fixed number there if you work with short gate/triggers.

according to the manual:

“the time between two consecutive rising edges on this gate input (AD-1) determines the duration of the recorded step, while the time between a rising edge and a falling edge determines the recorded step’s gate length.”

i think i once asked something similar, but that was before this forum existed…i wanted to record triggers but i believe that’s not possible, only gates and your gate seems to be too short.
so i guess the quantisation is the only way. but again i’m not entirely sure, best if you read through the manual carefully. cheers!


You should increase the speed of the external clock. I usually run at 24x off Pam’s new workout. The faster the clock the more detailed recording you’ll get.