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ER-102 strange slope behaviour

Hi, I cannot seem to get slope modification working as I would expect it to.

First of I should mention that I have changed the slope mod to pre-lookup in the configuration file.

I have a made a snapshot with two tracks, on track 2 all steps are selected as part of group 1. Now I modified CV-A (controlling pitch) with x-modifier in low position by turning random to 5. Now I plugged a jack from a sine wave lfo to mod x CV and put the modifier switch to slope position. On the ER-101 voltage display I can see the voltage moving up and down between 0 and 50V. However as I turn up CV-A (pitch) modifier to e.g 2.0V, the pitch on my oscilator rises but it doesn’t go up and down according to the lfo, it just stays higher.

Secondly, I tried to modify the duration of steps by a sequence from track 3 (connected a jack from track 3 CV-A to mod x CV, each step with a different CV-A voltage. In track 2, I turned up slope modulation. While the duration modulation worked, for some reason it changed the non-destructive random group modulation of pitch to a destructive modulation. Meaning - I used the same group for modulating duration and pitch. Whereas the pitch was totally random before the modulation of duration, it now became repetetive (the random steps started to loop).

And now another strange behaviour (or actually two) appeared, this time not related to slope. I loaded a blank snapshot and made a sequence, using a major scale voltage table on the track CV-A (controlling pitch). I made two group modifications (in low position), for group 1 I selected certain steps and randomized gate (turned gate to -3 and adding random +6). On group 2, I selected all steps and modified CV-A (pitch) by only random. The result - all steps selected to group 1 (random gate) were ignoring the scale mask. I.e - they were random (due to group 2 modification) but semitonally, not in major scale. All the rest of the steps (not modified by group 1) were in major scale.

Then it got even weirder - I deselected all steps from both groups, then selected again some steps to group one (which was supposed to make random gates). But this time the random gates didn’t work - the steps selected never fired a gate, as if gate was always 0 or less.

Then I made a new snapshot and tried just random gate with one modification - and it worked as expected. Something seems not right, as problems occur suddenly on one snapshot, then when I try the same thing in another snapshot everything is fine. But when I reload the problematic snapshot, it still doesn’t work.

What is your ER-102 firmware version?

I recently uploaded 2.23. At least that’s what I think I did - can I check somehow if the was really uploaded from the SD card?

The version is shown on startup in the part and group displays.

Ok, they say F2 and 23, so seems right.
It couldn’t be due to low power could it? My current consuption is 1025 mA with a 1200 mA power supply.

Just to update - I just understood the problem seems to occur only when I change the track gate to trigger mode. Right now when I do so, the group modulations in slope mode become like attenuators (ignoring external cv). In gate mode it seems to be fine - for now :slight_smile:

I’ll be getting back to you on this Monday :bowing_man:

The problem of ER-102 group modulation becoming destructive still occurs sometimes, even if the track is on gate mode (instead of trigger). I can’t tell what combination brings it about but when it happens (not always) it’s hard to get ridd of it. For instance - let’s say I modulate CV-A with random 6 (in group modulation, low position). Sometimes the CV-A sequence of the modulated track starts to loop (like turing machine in locked looping mode instead of continuously creating new sequence). When I change modulation amount (e.g random to 7), the loop changes once but stays locked. It seems to be somekind of a bug (although if it could be controlled, it might be a nice additional feature to be able to lock the sequence when you choose to).

Oops. This fell off the todo list somehow. May I tackle this next month? I’m deep in an ER-301 release at the moment.


So I have been finally looking into this but I’m not sure I understand well enough to replicate. When you say the group modifier becomes destructive, do you mean the actual step parameters (CV-A, CV-B, DURATION, GATE) shown in EDIT mode are changing without you doing anything?

FYI, this looping of the random values is fixed in v2.24.