ER-102 - When is the next batch coming?

Hi there,

really happy ER-101 user and wanting to pick up the ER-102. I know Brian is busy finishing up a last batch (which I think has all been spoken for), how long typically before Brian does another run? I’m also hoping to get into the ER-301 sweepstakes :slight_smile:


Ypsi Kid

Check out the FAQ section on the site. They are made to order and the lead time reflects how long it takes to get one. I’m not sure if he does batches per se or if that just naturally works out due to orders being placed all around the same time.

Thanks man - I’ve checked out the FAQ. Sounds like I just need to wait till the web store opens then I can put in my order. Patience is not one of my strengths - LOL.

Appreciate the response.

Ypsi Kid