ER-103 ideas... :)

Hi Brian Hello everyone,
It has been 4 months since I have a combo 101/102. A real wonder at every point. The manufacturing quality is fantastic and the navigation too. One thing misses me. The possibility of sequence on 16 steps. So here is a little idea for an expander of 101/102. A possible 103. I am absolutely not sure if that is possible but here is a small plan.
The idea will be to have a more live-oriented additional controller with an integrated clock, clickable rotary buttons to select their function ( Fine tune / Octave etc… ). Of course all this is just an example with just some basic ideas.

Besides if you have any suggestion for a 16 step sequencer I could easily integrate to 101/102 do not hesitate! :slight_smile:

FYI, you can take any (knobby) step sequencer and use it as an interface for the ER-101/102 by syncing it up and feeding its inputs into the record section of the ER-102. Put the ER-102 in alter mode and arm the track that you want to edit:

Here is the tip from p22 of the ER-102 manual:

TIP: The knobby interface. A particularly useful setup is to synchronize a traditional analog step sequencer with the ER-101 but have all of the analog step sequencer’s outputs go through the ER-102 in ALTER record mode. If the ER-101 is looping a section that is the same length as the sequence of steps on the analog step sequencer then you get a real-time knobby interface for the loop playing on the ER-101 with pitch quantization!

I’ve use an A-155 for this to good effect.

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Thanks a lot Brian :smiley:
I should read again the manual before posting anything on the forum haha

Not at all! The manual and this forum should complement each other :smile_cat:

I also posted this because I secretly prefer to have an analog sequencer designed and created by you Mr. Clarkson. I know in advance that it would be much better quality than most. :joy_cat: