Er-301 + 12hp?

Hi folks - just received my ER-301 for the first time and am considering putting it into it’s own little skiff case next to my main system to allow focus. This would leave me 12HP space next to it.

Just for fun - what would be the best specific modules or functions you experienced users would want to have sitting next to the Soundcomputer in a dedicated case?

Thanks - looking forward to contributing to the community.

Pam’s New Workout and Offy :slight_smile:


Monome Ansible and Earthsea
(ok, you need a Grid and Arc :slight_smile: )


I just sold all my monone stuff, sadly. Good shout though!

Hard to top this. Manual offsets are really really nice with the 301, don’t overlook them. And the PNW packs so much modulation in that space, it’s unbelievable.

Batumi, Ornament & Crime are possibilities. But to be honest, PNW would be better.


erogenous tones 8enuator or 3x cascade are good choices…

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2hp TM
Soundmachines ls-1
And intellijel triatt

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Seems like a common theme is ‘stuff that adds knobs’. Will keep that in mind even if it ends up in the larger system.

Thanks everyone!

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The ADDAC Manual Gates and a few LS-1 light strips, if you don’t need a space for a row power or similar module :slight_smile:


Manual gates looks useful. Shame it only seems to be available as a kit. :disappointed_relieved:

really? When I bought one it was fully assembled. I guess André changed it to a kit to keep costs down…

Sorry for the repetition, but I will build any kits - reasonable costs - top quality build!


I’m sorry … “Offy”?

I’m surprised no one suggested some sort of output module or mixer/attenuator.

me too

Circuit Abbey module.

you can do this stuff all within though? Don’t forget you can use the CV ABCD inputs for audio inputs as well! So if you’re not using them all for CV control, you can mix in audio from other modules and mix them with channel mixers or VCA’s :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the only reason you might need an output module is headphone out.

Sorry, been away again, Offy is just four offsets, i.e. just 4 knobs you can patch to anything you want in ER-301 - there’s any number of other similar modules, usually combined with attenuation, but the idea is the same.

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