ER-301 and Nerdseq For Sale (UK)

ER-301 for sale.
Excellent condition. Rev 10.
People’s Choice Panel.
No box but SD card and cable included.

Nerdseq + Midi IO for sale.
Excellent condition.
Silver panel.
Complete with box and all contents.
£400 for both.

These 2 are a fantastic combination and I am reluctant to let them go but due to personal circumstances I need to let go some of my Music Tech equipment.

Located in the UK.

Please get in touch for more details.


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Hi Ian, I sent you a pm.



If anyone wants a Zetaohms FLXS1 Voltage Sequencer for £450 let me know. Hope everything works out for you Ian i’m in a similar predicament.

Hi, sent a pm, cheers

This is sold pending payment.
I will update once payment received or whether the 301 is still available soon.

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ER-301 is now Sold.
Nerdseq is still available.