ER-301 and Teletype Music

I am still very much on the fence about the Teletype and while the technical discussion has been illuminating and educational, I am looking to be absolutely blown away by the possibilities of these two modules playing together. I mean, I have to get over the fact that it uses a keyboard, a major hurdle for me, so I would like to listen and my response be “oh my god - I don’t care if it uses a keyboard - I have to have it!”

Feel free to post anything that uses both, it is just for fun, but maybe those of you who are really pushing the envelope with these modules would post some music that is perhaps ‘impossible’ any other way?

This is probably a little puerile, but has anyone use all 100 connections yet?

Oh, and explanations of why it’s ‘impossible’ would be awesome!!

The number of people who have even tried it is very small, so the number of published pieces made this way is necessarily smaller yet. I recommend @scanner_darkly’s Instagram for now.

Sure, fair point!

Perhaps this could be seen more as a challenge then? :smiley:

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It’s on my list of things to do, but unfortunately there’s a lot of other stuff higher on the list. I’ll get there eventually.

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I guess one thing that occurs to me with regard to fully utilizing 100 inputs: it would be handy if units could be generated at runtime in response to various events, as opposed to manually creating chains in advance. This would lend itself to generative works of the nature that Teletype excels in expressing.


Heheh, I like your thinking a lot; that definitely falls in the ‘impossible’ category!

Shrug, yeah, at the moment. It’s probably just a matter of coding, but I’m not in the habit of adding to Brian’s todo list, personally. (I2C implementation being one obvious exception! Thanks for that @odevices!)

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Answering my own request, this is a piece made using the DOT3 script on the Teletype directly controlling the ER-301 via i2c, nothing else involved, just these two modules :slight_smile: