ER-301 as a CV Recorder?

Is this something the 301 could achieve and replace say my Antimatter brainseed for the duty? from very slow lfo to complexe enveloppes? would there be some limitation to what it could record? thanks!

You can record CV into the 301 to use as internal control. Barring an expansion module (in the far distant future at a guess) there is no way to play CV from the 301 to other modules, as the outputs are not DC-coupled.

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Oh ok that’s a shame, yeah was hoping to control external modukes… Too bad!

Just a little food for thought:

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Great idea! The Disting comes with an ES-1 emulator (AC decoder), which extracts the original CV from the AC-encoded signal.

When the ER-301’s SDK is available, a great unit would be an emulator of the AC encoder. That way, you could use an ER-301 and Disting to generate up to 2 CV signals.

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So are you saying that the possibility of a breakout module with DC coupled outputs has been discussed? and is that in the books?

See discussions:

Thanks, that’s a shame!