ER-301 as a mastering chain?

Hello everyone!

it’s been a week or so that i’m enjoying (the word is weak) my new er and as it has always been an idea i had, how would you guys implement a “kind of” mastering chain within the er301?

let me tell you what i intend to do more specifically :

i’m mixing my whole modular in a midas venice vf32 and recording the LR of the midas.
What i want to do is taking the LR out of the midas into the er301, processing the master, then recording.
To do that i thought a more “complex” approach : routing withing the midas not on the stereo but but dispatching into the 4 groups availible, then outputing those 4 groups into the 4 er301’s inputs, then output a stereo from the er301 into the midas (maybe the record in as i’m using all stero channels for fx returns) and then listening/recording

what are your thoughts on that? i see i’m gonna have trouble having stereo by using the groups or i should keep 2 groups for stereo duty (fxs mainly) and 2 other for say drums and synth?

hope you can help me see more clearly with all that :wink:

You do realize the 301 has 16 audio ins, right?

well yeah but when i say i’d have trouble with stereo i mean i only have 4 group outputs on my f32, and i can’t use the stereo out of the f32 as it’s going into my rec/listen part of the chain, does that make sense?

also all my aux are taken, i could use the matrix out though… so that would bring me to a total of 6 inputs, 4 mono and 1 stereo…

but the point of my post i guess would be more about how you would set a mastering chain