ER-301 as a polyphonic oscillator module

sorry, but at least you can blame me, i guess :rofl:
just tell me: on which one? or even on the general idea?

Actually, I was already almost sold on ER-301 because of what @2disbetter, @Joe and @warpigs330. Besides, everybody that doesn’t get used to ER-301 doesn’t complain about its capabilities or how good it is doing what it can do. It just doesn’t fit on how they make music.

I like to study a gear. Not that the “shallow” and imediate ones are boring, but the process of “opening” them like a book is something I enjoy a lot. And you just showed me that Hydra has a lot of that.

I have the same thing you have about different kind of sounds. Well, I was asking about E370, which sounds “glassy” like all the Hydra demos I’ve heard before. But when you say it can go beyond that, that’s basically what I wanted to hear.

i like your book metaphor there. but then i’d most certainly recommend the er-301
over the hydra!
the hydra is deep alright. but depending on your own history with ‘traditional synths’
it might feel too easy on you i guess. it will always feel like a synth to you! if you’re looking for a good synth try it out and listen to it yourself. i find the factory presets and those free ones on asm’s site
quite impressive i must say. but you’ll have to listen to them on your own reference system.
if you’re familiar with one or more of the ‘classic’ style synths
then you’ll find your way around the hydra quite easily, which is one of its major strengths
i would argue.

but, and just to keep it in the realm of your metaphor, if you’re looking for something
like the “Handbook for Soundengineers” by Ballou or Montaigne’s Essays in sound land
then you should taste the er301. The Hydra is more of the type glorious “The Big Book of Synthesizers”.

sorry, i didn’t say that the hydra will go beyond glassy for you. (Because i just don’t know
what glassy means to you) to me it can be both ‘glassy’ and ‘felty’, but i can’t gurantee it
will do you the same favour. let’s settle on versatile sound, ok?

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just thought about the 4vox. even to me, the factory wave tables qualify as
‘glassy’ sources. but knowledge and wave edit software can do wonders in that departement.
and after all they are just sources: you put those glassy waves through any “warm” sounding circuit
of your choice and you end up on the “totally felty” side. one of my favourites is an opto dist with
uv leds (and i already forgot the type of vactrols of my choice:)

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Do you know if there’s anybody selling assembled optodist?

So, I have both ER301 and E370. Each are great for poly on their own, but if I had to choose one or the other it would be ER301. Unless you already have a pile of VCAs, mixing, and envelopes you’re going to find you won’t be able to make nearly as complex of a synth voice with E370. If you’re lacking on utility, you might consider getting both, using the E370 as your primary sound source, and routing your audio and cv through ER301. Have a look at this recent 4 voice poly patch for an example.


there’s a guy i could ask. but he hates through hole :slight_smile:

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You’re making me count my savings.

If you can find panels, pcbs, and components I could make one. I’ve been wanting one for myself as well.

Here is another one from the same patch.

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i got my panels, pcbs and vactrols from other components from all over the place.
and fyi there were some comparisons for the choice of leds for the optodist somewhere
(i think i found it in muffs) i might found them on my hard drive… if you like

I’m in the US and they aren’t shipping here yet, otherwise I’d have some alpha pots in the mail.

oh yes, there is that pot situation going on:)

I just heard some 4vox demos. There’s character, indeed.

Would you mind sharing either how you set up the additive synth or possibly posting the chain for download please? I’m interested in seeing how the 301 works doing additive stuff, as I don’t have the space for an Odessa at the moment :slight_smile:

For me it was just a bunch of oscillators in their own mixers. I think at the time I had 2 intellijel quadratts I used to control the volume of 8 of the oscillators. It was a pretty rudimentary experiment on my part.

Gotcha, tahnk you for the reply. I might have to mess around and see if I can come up with something, did not want to re-invent the wheel if I didn’t have to :slight_smile: