Er-301 as a sample playback/fx unit

Regarding cv capabilities(using for internal er-301 use), I seem to remember reading a thread here where it was stated that the er-301 is best suited for audio rate applications (such as fx and sample players ?) due to it’s cpu capabilities.

And aside from that, it does not output cv.
I cant find the thread, but i think it was stated that for things other than audio rate, the cpu/er301 design just isnt meant for it…(Please correct me if i am wrong or off.

So i have been wondering if the sample playback stuff and fx stuff will start to be utilized more or developed more.

I have been spending alot of time with the er301 just lately because i need to decide if i want to keep it.
I had been putting it on the back burner for 2 years waiting for a manual and more capabilities.

I originally bought it because i thought it would be the best sampler module to have for slicing/manipulating audio, but now i am considering other alternatives such as a bitbox.

It just kinda seems the er-301 is being developed more towards other functions(such as cv) than audio.

I am no coder and will not be spending time to learn it anytime soon.

Please dont take this as negativity, i am just one who does not have unlimited time and money to spend on trying to have fun with one module, and there are other alternatives meant for the jobs…

Any thoughts/opinions on this ?
I know there are some others here that also want er-301 to be ultimate sampler/mangler…
My fear is that i trade up the er-301 and then it finally blooms into more than what i could have imagined! at the same time, i no longer have the funds to support a modular habit and i have a g2 engine i am neglecting.

Not by me! Perhaps you are confusing user custom units with ER-301 development?

What is missing in v0.4 with respect to sampling and fx in your opinion?

Dude…two years is a long time to sit on a thousand dollar investment waiting for it to do exactly what you want it to. With filters, multiple ways to deal with samples, and about 8 delays and FX already in there along with myriad ways to manipulate the signal and bounce it around internally until the cows fly over the moon, there seems to be a near infinite capability already built into the ER-301.

Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself to get rid of it. If so, just do it. There are so many people out there who want one, why not let them find what you cannot. Buy the modules that will make you happy, not frustrated.

and in case anyone wonders what i would actually like to see:
(i realize maybe some of these things can already be achieved with the er301, if so, please tell me how !)

  • morphing wavetable synth/lfo with cv over chosing different wavetables

-sample playback geared towards breakbeats
which has ability to cv control choice of different sliced audio files.

-quality timestretch for using v/oct to playback a single sample at different pitches

-sequencer with gate/trigger/cv probabilities per step

-beat repeat/ratcheting with cv controllable divisions

-various generative beat synced modulations

-randomizer which can have multiple selectable/scaleable range per output

Jesus Christ man…why not include that you’d like it to make pop corn too.


thanks again unity2k, helpful as usual…
I surely dont belong here

maybe it seems to be a module for elitist pro’s that swiftly know how to achieve whatever they want…was just hoping people would help me learn it quicker. Or maybe tell me if what i want is possible with it.
lesson learned. Have a good one

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This is planned but you can get kind of close with existing units already (particularly with the Sample Scanner unit). It just hasn’t been a priority because of the dozens of wavetable modules already out there. I still want to do my own style of wavetable though.

I think this is pretty much covered. I see many examples of people doing breakbeats with the ER-301 out there.

Timestretch is performed by Grain Stretch (for V/oct control) and Clocked Stretch (for tempo-locked loops) units. Whether it is high enough quality for you is another question I guess.

The rest of your requests are CV/modulation oriented right?

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@anon25407821 I’m a 55 year old man who dropped out of high school…no college and I just started exploring music about 2.5 years ago, I’m hardly an elitist and certainly not a pro. The ER-301 has been an extraordinary learning experience for this old drop out and I DIG it. As if it weren’t complicated enough I use the i2c functionality with it connected to the Teletype, a Grid, the new 16n Faderbank and an Ansible connected to an ARC.

This thing may not be child’s play, but it’s certainly a treasure that teases the best out of my brain.


Please keep in mind that calling us all elitists (something you do pretty much every time you post by the way, perhaps you don’t realize it?) is not going to encourage friendly replies. I will try my best though.


Well i guess i expected too much.lesson learned.


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Awesomely great ownership, I’m humbled. I don’t build custom units either, I leave it up to Joe and the other great contributors who’ve given us their best efforts.

This entire Eurorack adventure has often resulted in me feeling antagonistic towards developers until I realize that they didn’t build complexity in as much as I’m having cognitive issues due to unfamiliarity with concepts I’ve not practiced. But I’ll never turn on the TV again (got rid of the thing back in 1985) and so I have to do something difficult to spend my evenings entertaining myself.

My apologies for coming off curmudgeonly but as a creator of other stuff, I feel for other creators when tone/attitude comes over as aggressive when you know that this person is making a profound and serious effort on other’s behalf. I never want to discourage anyone of any age to not continue trying to do their best and when I can I’d rather lend a hand.

Should you decide to keep your ER-301 I hope you are able to find those corners of the magic box that you can delight in, otherwise should you decide to explore other avenues I’m certain other limitations will stand in your way because if nothing else I’ve learned that there is not even ONE perfect module out there that does it all. Our endeavors in Eurorack are loaded with speed bumps or at least that has been my path.

Peace back at you.

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Good reply my friend. Thank you.

take care, and i completely understand your point of view.

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I only skimmed the video, but I think you can totally do this kind of thing now. Just load a wave file full of samples into a Variable Speed Player. Slice them up using the 301’s slice tool. Connect your seqeuncer CV to the “index” parameter, and start sending gates. You should have CV control over which slice gets played back when you send each gate.


i did not call everyone “elitist”, and i also only used the term in one other post.
also, you did not answer my main SIMPLE questions. you seem more interested in making me look bad.

I am sad and upset about this all and i cant blame anyone for not caring because then they may be shunned too.

So much defensive instead of understanding.
Simple questions= no help.
what a waste…

A simple apology would have been better. From now on keep the passive aggressive comments out of your posts or you will no longer be welcome here. Last warning.

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ok, what am i supposed to apologize for exactly (being assertive ??

which is better ?

either way, I intended no anger here .

and can you tell me where to find the information on how to link a sound producing custom unit into an fx custom unit, using 0.3.25 ?

also, where was my first warning ?

Or is it only last warnings here ?

Sorry. I’m not going to spend my time going through your posting history to show you.

You put the fx custom unit after the sound-producing unit, just like you thought. If that does not work then perhaps the fx custom unit was not designed to take its input from the custom unit’s input. That is up to the custom unit designer. So have a look inside the custom unit, or ask the custom unit designer.

Yes, first and last warning are the same. We are not children, right?


haha, yes not a child.

So where in the custom unit should i look for such a problem (you say to look in the custom unit)?

I put in a basic sound using an internal sample player into the fx and it doesnt work going into fx (both units using v0.3.25). I tried with multiple custom units.

Is there a specific bit of documented info i am missing ?

From this I understand that you have placed a Varispeed Player in front of a custom unit. If you bypass the custom unit, you hear the sound from the VP but if you unbypass the custom unit then there is no sound. If this is what you are describing then that means the custom unit does not pass audio like you expect. It is getting it from somewhere else, possibly a global chain or one of the jacks. You would determine this by tracing the flow of audio inside the custom unit’s patch.

i’ll try again later . thanks.

Also I should have given an exact example with more detail…

Its daunting to be behind in this development and just try jump in because i need to decide if i can use something i have not been using…

all i ever used it for was very basic sample player in the past… and realized what i wanted in the first place which i posted in one of my recent posts.

also kinda bummed why unity2k’s posts are gone…

im just going thru shit and shouldnt even own this luxery.

and brian, in all due respect, if my presence here puts a bad taste in your mouth, then please either go into detail, or just ban me.

I dont like feeling im walikng on eggshells with a person i paid to support.