ER-301 as a system hub

I’ve seen that some of you say that the ER-301 is the hub of the system, handling, besides samples and internal tone generation, also the mixing of external signals. How do you like to set it up?

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In on this one as well! Very interested to see how everybody is getting the most mileage possible out of their 301’s.

I am using mine as a sampler, tone generator, mixer for internal and external signals and effects unit :stuck_out_tongue: . The only other other sound generators in my system are rings and clouds, but I’m getting tempted to switch out clouds for something different in the long run (as ER-301 is getting closer and closer to clouds when it comes to granular capabilities).

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i have been thinking of doing this but haven’t fully tried.
basically, using the 301 as a master effect send/return. filters, delays with feedbacks, and the like.
but i just keep using it as a nutty drum machine/looper.