ER-301 as final mixing stage?

Hi everyone,

I’m on the fence of buying/preordering a 301. I’m building a 208 HP rack, so space is limited, and the 301 seems to offer a lot in a relatively “small” package. I already invested in some Frap Tools CGM modular mixing modules, but this section is 36 HP already, so I’m thinking about if/how to get rid of it to make more space for other modules.
Because the 301 has lots of inputs and an internal mixer: Are some of you using it as a final mixing stage to mix internal and external (other module’s audio outs) signals? Does that make sense at all? I assume even if it’s possible, the main advantage of a hardware mixer – fast, intuitive mixing via hardware knobs – would be lost this way. Any opinions on that?

I am using it this way, but it makes me wish I had more than 4 audio inputs on the unit.

Someone mentioned in a thread, which I subseqently misplaced and so can’t reference at the moment, that they were mixing 3 stereo inputs through the ER-301 and I couldn’t work out how this could possibly be so…I guess a submix would offer you the potential for more than 2 stereo inputs…

All of the 16 ABCD inputs can accept audio. The caveat is that if they contain substantial energy over 30kHZ aliasing may occur.

For set and forget type mixing it is great. If you’re looking to ‘play’ your mixer extensively, a dedicated module might still be a good asset.


Well I’ll be darned. This may significantly increase the (already very significant) role the ER-301 plays in my rack. Thanks!!

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Ah, ok, thanks Joe. For that reason I tend to think of INs 1-4 as my audio inputs (in terms of mixing audio) and the others for modulation (including obviously audiorate modulation)

That’s how I was thinking of it too, but I think I’m going to start abusing the other inputs for audio mixing and see how it goes.

For a lot of audio sources, they’re just fine. :wink:


I’m thinking the WMD QAAF could work for anti-aliasing additional inputs, it can remove frequencies above 30khz, sure, you’re wasting 4hp but you’re getting 4 more “clean” inputs on the ER-301

Using the ER-301 as a final mixing stage would introduce additional A/D/A conversions. Is there a noticeable sound degradation when feeding it with analogue signals through the main audio inputs 1 - 4 and applying nothing else than mixing?

Not that I can notice, but of course, it’s just my ears, maybe yours are different.

There is some aliasing on the inputs due to the resampling from the input sample rate (60kHz, I believe) to the ‘system’ sample rate (48kHz or 96kHz). It is currently listed as a bug in the issue tracker. Since it’s on Brian’s radar, it will hopefully get taken care of soon.