ER-301 Black Panel


Since I have seen requests of this in the forum in the past, I figure I could post and let you know that I have made a black replacement panel for the ER-301.

Prior to getting the ER-301 I already made black panels for my other modules, so when I got this fantastic module I just had to do it for for the 301 as well.

So here is my take on it. If you like it I have about 20 or so left for sale. By popular demand of my other panels I have created a small webshop that you can check out if you want. If you don’t like that I can try to set up some kind of paypal and we can solve it in pm.
Shipping world wide from the EU (Sweden).

The panel is made from FR4 material with double full copper layers so it is quite sturdy.

Let me know if you have any questions!


So my first batch is soon out of stock and I’m considering making a new one.
Is there anyone who would preferer a black/gold version instead of the black/white?

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