ER-301 broken?

damn… my ER-301 doesn’t seem to work anymore. powering up my rack either lights up its “fine” led only, or leaves it doing nothing at all.

any clue? :frowning:

edit: ehm. it’s working again. false alarm (… but why? what could have been the reason for the above? didn’t change anything!)

Urgh, hope it’s ok!!

More info needed to troubleshoot:

Does everything else in your rack work?

Did you do anything prior to it not working or was it a case of switch off and it’s fine, switch back on and it’s gone?

I sometimes get this with my power supply, they are a little annoying to be honest, they have a switch that can select 12V, 15V, 18V, etc… and sometimes it seems to slip down to the 12V setting and this isn’t enough to power everything - it’s yucky but harmless!

thanks for jumping in so quickly, kel.
really weird. maybe that was the reason…

uff… short heart-attack! :broken_heart:

No problem, it’s not fun is it… but hey… it’s just stuff and if they break these things are usually repairable.

So, if something does go, its annoying and an inconvenience, but not the end of the world…

I always allow myself to be annoyed for a little bit, express it somehow, but always treat that as a luxury and an indulgence and as a way to expedite moving on from it :slight_smile:

I also always try and remember that when things go wrong it always presents at least one opportunity, often many opportunities; this is one of the few truths in life that’s really worth remembering!


had to take my cat to an emergency-visit at the vet this morning… that was bad :scream:

this later tragedy has indeed already resulted in something quite nice :slight_smile:
thank you, kel!

Oh no… all ok now?

Yes, life is much more important. I found out today a neighbour died in a motorcycle accident on Monday, I didn’t know him that well, but he was quite a few years younger than me and a lovely chap. It’s when the reality of life and death is presented in such a stark way that what’s important, and what is merely an inconvenience, really becomes very clear!


Is the ER-301 using internally regulated 5v or via your cases 5v?