ER-301 Buffer render bug?

I was of the impression that if, for example, a sample player were placed after a sample recorder (looper) and the buffer for the latter were utilised in the former then the updated sample recorder information would be updated in real time in the sample player, no?

In at least the the Grain Stretch and Sample Player units this is not happening at the moment. Updated audio information is heard but the waveform (and relationship to slices) remains as per first loading of the buffer in the Grain Stretch or Sample PLayer unit.

I can’t imagine noone else has spotted this, so I may have misrecalled behaviour in my absence, but the current behaviour seems counterintuitive. Is there a reason or is this a bug?

there’s no actual input to a sample player, so placing it after the looper will only cut the looper’s audio signal from getting through. So essentially you can drop that sample player anywhere in the system.

If the sample player is assigned to share the same buffer, then audio content will update. Although, I haven’t tested since v0.3 but that’s what’s supposed to happen.

Yes, right. I just do that by force of habit so I cut the looper signal and can just use the player’s output.

The audio playback does update, but the visual representation of that audio does not. I imagine the visual representation should update with the audio (and recall it working like that in v0.2.x)

The display not updating has been on the bug list for a while. It is kind of intermittent for me.

I am assuming it is non-trivial to solve. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks Joe. I did read the wiki sections on loopers and players before I posed the question…but didn’t think to look at the tracker!

In fact I now recall reading your thread mentioned there, but it’s intermittent nature must have been the reason I’d not seen it before v0.3