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ER-301 Chora Black Panel

Hi guys,

Some of you know me from different platforms as Chora panels manufacturer, so just posting here a new draft design for ER-301 alternative panel. I chose blue and gold/yellow color pallet, but I can do custom color or design modification of your choice. Will be posting designs for ER-101 and ER-102 in next couple of days. Let me know if you’re interested.


Looks beautiful! Where are you located?

It looks very nice! (lil typo on coarse-soarce) :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I’m located in Serbia can ship ww

Yeah thanks for the heads up, this is just a first draft to see what people think about it, when it comes to production all the labels are double checked :slight_smile:


Hey @Jacobino I’ve bought a couple of these Chora panels, one for MI Elements and one for my Spectral Multiband Resonator here in Arizona and am happy with both.

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Oh please i’m sure they are wonderful, i really like them! :smiley:
I just saw it and thought it might me good to mention it :slight_smile:

Thanks, I´m asking because i´m from Spain and, unless you live in a major city (not my case) the customs office works terrible. Coming from Serbia seems like the customs would be retain the package for a long time :disappointed:

Hi, I have several customers from Spain (around the country) and there were never much of a delay, longest 2 weeks in postage.

With no customs office involved? I had two bad experience with this and I don´t want a third one :sweat_smile:. Anyway… Knowing my bad luck, the panel is too beautiful to not get the risk… How much for the panel shipped to Spain?

A typo on ‘commit - comit’ too (just in case it’s been missed).

Nice looking panel :blush:

looks great! i’m interested for 301 and 101/102. prefer black with white text for low light environments…curious for the cost + shipping to US.

I’d also love a white on black option!

typo ‘soarce’ instead of ‘coarse’

I would be interested in one of each!
301, 101 and 102

Is it possible to request all white text?

Sure of course, can you leave me your email so we can talk there?

yes yes already addressed by other members , no worries

Look at the naming on ports A1 to D1 as there are two rows of A2 to D2.

Hah I hoped this will be more like a comparative analyses of aesthetical approaches, then like a scrabble game :slight_smile:

Will do the draft for 101/102 in white text asap. you can write me on banejovancevic@gmail.com for all the details on prices and shipping

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