ER-301 Controller

Hi! I have the Addac304 Manual Gates to send gates to the ER301 and the Expert Sleepers ES3 to send CV using a midi controller. I love the internal modulation of the parameters in the ER301, but for live purposes, I´m looking for a module who just send CV through a set of knobs. Something like the LS1 lightstrip but with knobs.

Is there any module for this?

Anything that produces an offset should work. I use mutable stages and/or blinds.

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i use midi over usb controllers via expert sleepers fh-1 or offsets via frap tools 321 and makenoise maths.


The Faderbank is nice for this, but not a module.

erogenous tones levit8 is (despite the name) great for this.

There’s this topic, full of rec’s: Interface modules for the ER-301?


Thanks for all the suggestions. I missed the “Interface modules” topic ;( I think I´ll look to the offset modules like MI shades. The Levit8 is great but i don´t like the orientation of the knobs…
Thanks again!

There are several. Do a search for the ‘controller’ function on modulargrid.

Some examples I like:

MI Stages
MI Frames (and Michigan Synth Planks)
Intellijel Tetrapad
Emblematic System Catalyst
Make Noise Pressure Points
Noise Engineering Lapsus Os
Twisted Electrons Cells

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Thanks. For now the winner is the MI Shades because the channels can be use like a center knob too.

though with plastic pot shafts:


Nice, same hp as shades but with 6 channels. It would be perfect if the knobs were bigger.

I like Levit8 for pure knobs. Cheap small and functional!

consider frap tools 321 instead of shades for a simple reason: if you use it as a mixer for audio it sports the same vca’s as frap tools CGM modular mixer. this means EXCEPTIONAL audio quality compared to the other eurorack mixers. frap is one of the very few things that can make me proud of my country at the moment (italy)


Thanx @hyena, the 321 seems very useful, the only thing i don´t like is the mini knobs especially for live purposes, but i will consider it.

Did you consider 16n ( ?
You could always DYI a knob version.


I knew about this controller, but it´s to big. I only want a few knobs to complement the Addac Manual gates. This is because when i change the preset of the ER301 the modulation sources change too, so it´s only for a few key parameters in the ER301 and complement the internal modulation.

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I saw that Intellijel will release a new Triatt too !

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Quadratt is a good choice if you have a 1u row, as well :+1:


It might be too large for your needs but I love using the Flame Quad CV recorder with the 301. Sure, the 301 can record incoming CV but I prefer handling that externally.

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