ER-301 custom units at

I use patchstorage for my Organelle and i thought it would be nice to have a place where people could upload their custom units for er-301. I use this page quite often and i have to say i really like it!

I don’t know who it works to add a new device at . But i really would like to see more custom units for the er-301 and how this grow over time!


I wrote Patchstorage a mail and asked :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to put a dampener on things, but I’m not really interested in signing up for yet another service.

Is there something about the current patch sharing system, i.e. they are tied to discussions, that you think is lacking in some way?

By the way, the custom-unit tag is reserved for posts that actually have custom units in them - it’s one of the very few rule like things we have here.


What I mean to say is that I really like that the custom-units are part of the discussion and it’s seamless, the first post can always be edited and updated and the discussion often includes hints and tips on use, problem solving and examples of use in both audio and video!

I just don’t see what the advantage is in sending folk to a different site away from O|D when it’s all here anyway.

But I understand I may be missing the point so I am keeping an open mind and will listen to good sound reason.

p.s. what happens if patchstorage collapses and disappears?

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Thanks for your reply, kel.

I just find it convinient to browse through „patches“ on PS, sort them by function or update a new version of a patch. i think its usefull to have like a stripped down solution with just „custom units“ and a download button without a lot of depth in terms of discussion. I do like forums! but sometime you find yourself reading and writiting replys in a discussion instead of doing what you intended to do in the first place.

But you are right sending away users to another site is a good reason as well as the what if thought.

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Yeah they are also good points.

There was some talk a while back about creating a user contributed patch section of the wiki which if done in an aesthetically pleasing and usable way would address the browsing issue while still keeping everything under the O|D banner.

The O|D web services will exist for as long as there are O|D modules, so no worries there.

@Joe and myself did make some effort to create a wiki page for the Evil Twin custom unit:

…but with the recent OS updates it is already out of date. Well kinda, it could be improved upon for sure.

The discussion went along the lines of yes, we will do this, but when things settle down and everything is more stable so the effort involved in creating documentation isn’t half wasted.

I think the forum version is cool now because it can handle this changing landscape well.

In the long term, a user contributed patch section of the wiki was always planned.

I have no idea how long this will take though :slight_smile:

Shrugs, no one is going to stop people from posting patches on, so if you’re keen go for it, don’t let my thoughts stop you, just please be mindful and considerate that other things are planned.


i think its a great idea :slight_smile:

Hm, if you search for the tag „custom units“ here you get a nice list with all the custom units. You can clock on one and directly download it than. Super easy.
Of course in the future, when the collection gets big it might make sense to have it all on a different site, but right now I think the system works as it is, at least for me…

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I like the idea of a custom unit/user patch database made available on the wiki, with functionality description and any additional info the maker wants to include + accompanying links to any thread discussion surrounding it.


As far as I am aware this has been the plan for quite a while @tomk :slight_smile:

It’s still early days though, so I guess anything could happen!


I think it makes sense to share here on the forum, especially given the state of the ever changing firmware. Custom units are really unstable due to unit renaming/reconfigs that have been happening and people ask a lot of questions. Once things settle down, I’m also in favor of keeping things in the Orthogonal Devices realm of websites/wiki.

I love updates to the ER-301, but I have to say that I’m looking forward to a time when the firmware development slows down and is solidified. Lately I’ve gotten firmware update fatigue, tbh. Makes it tricky to settle into a live patch/performance process, which is hard when a new firmware has a feature you want to use.

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I will echo this sentiment: the sharing of custom units will make so much more sense once the firmware reaches the point of official release!

(Incidentally: it’s kind of amazing that with all the fantastic functionality that we have been experiencing so far is not actually the full “proper” release! I am just so impressed by the depth and generosity of all the work that goes into it!)


I totally understand this… I keep telling myself it won’t be long, but realistically I think it may be another 12 months or so - this is just a guess based on what’s left on the todo list - I have no actual knowledge!

The guy from Patchstorage wrote me back…

I let you guys decide what you like to decide, i personally like to use Patchstorage and my experience with it and Organelle-Patches were only good (Critter&Guitari run the same forum [Discourse] along with PS).

Thanks for reaching out. Have to say, it looks like a really neat device!

Regarding listing a separate platform on our site - just send us a short description, the name of your platform, a square logo image and the file type your platform is using , e.g. *.er, *.json.

Currently we are rewriting the site from the ground up. We will introduce an option to have different upload types per platform, e.g. Organelle PureData Patch, Organelle Update Script,
and also the Patchstorage API, that will open a lot of possibilities for a closer integration, e.g. uploading/downloading patches straight from a platform’s editor, weekly backups and etc.

If you are interested in some kind of closer integration, let me know, as now it’s the best time to adjust our code base. :wink:

One thing that speaks for is that Discourse isn’t fantastic for browsing and sorting stuff. It’s doable in Discourse, but I’d appreciate a listing of only custom units in a format that’s tailor-made for such a thing.

Whatever the format finally is, I think personally I’d love to still have the conversations on here. So maybe a best practice type of thing would be to upload custom units somewhere where they’re sorted, and starting a topic here, with a link to said storage facility? :slight_smile: Just thinking of possibilities here.

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This is what the users do who own/work with Organelle and its Patches which i find really convenient.

Okay, if we’re pushing for this, what is the business model of PatchStorage?

I am super wary of investing time and effort into a company that is not 100% clear and committed to a particular course. Look at what happened with Photobucket - total disaster - photos missing all over MW in DIY threads - all that effort wiped out in a moment!

Will PatchStorage start charging at any point? Will advertisements appear? What is their ethical stance?

Who are they?

p.s. all custom-units here:


Really valid questions. I appreciate the fact that you’re calling for informed decisions before going for a new tool :slight_smile:


Absolutely, been burned too many times - live and learn :smiley:

… or maybe I am just old and grumpy :joy:

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Good questions!
I‘ll have a mail with them. i really dont want to push anything, if you think its cool like it is i am good with that.