ER-301 Custom Units Random Names

@odevices I love the random names generated when you create a custom source or effect. Would love to know how that was implemented. I know the code is closed source but perhaps you can share that part? I’d love to be able to run a script on my machine so I can use these random names in my non 301 projects. I’m sure I can find something similar on the web but figured I’d start here since the names generated on the ER-301 are pretty entertaining.

i’d also love to learn more about the underlying code and i hope @odevices will reveal some
of his secrets.
meanwhile, @Lokua, and though not exactly to your point but we did have an interesting conversation some days back about certain aspects of that bug that suddenly bit the er-301. and it might contain information and reasoning that you might be interested in, too.

As far as code goes, it’s nothing special. I just have a list of adjectives and a list of nouns from which I randomly choose one adjective and one noun to create the unit name. There is also a list of suppressed combinations to avoid some of the more awkward coincidences. If there is any value here, it is entirely in the compilation of those 3 lists (adjectives, nouns, suppressed names).

Alright fair enough. I can put that together myself then. Didn’t know about that “bug” @mopoco - glad to see it was dealt with via suppressions.