ER-301 damaged (by my fault)


I made the Olimex modification to use i2c with my ER-301 rev7.
It works like a charm, however it seems I may have damaged the module unfortunately :

Half the time (I’ve used it for a few hours since the modification) G 1 to 4, IN 1 to 4 and A B C & D 1 are totally clipped (picture : ) and the rest of the time the module seems perfectly fine. I have also noticed an erratic behaviour of the M1 button, like it’s being pressed repeatedly although I don’t touch it and it seems mechanically ok.
It happens with or without any cables connected, including i2c.
I thought I had taken adequate ESD precautions, but it now appears that the earth is not connected to the room sockets :man_facepalming:.

I was on firmware 0.4.09, updated to 0.6.16, and went back and forth with no change.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do ?
Does anyone know if this could possibly be related to the Olimex board only ?
I really hope I haven’t damaged the main board (I don’t know how I would have done it). I bought two Olimex AM3352-SOM replacements but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to try to swap one or if I could do worse.

Any help much appreciated !


Have you tried reseating the board?

Hi Neil
Thanks for chiming in. Sorry, my English is bad, does this mean unplugging and replugging the Olimex board ? I haven’t done it yet but I can certainly do it if you think it’s a good idea