ER-301 Development Roadmap

Hi Brian,

I feel like a lot of wonderful ideas and brainstorms have been unintentionally vanished with the forum transition. Wondering if you could post and pin your rough Book of Work (the one with the ASCII cats!) so newly joined forum users know what’s cooking. This would hopefully prevent repeat feature requests discussed at length again :slight_smile:

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Definitely. I’ll repost it in a few days. I want to refresh it first.


Please keep the cats! :slight_smile:


+1 on cats

also feel free to add more cats :wink: (consider this a FR teheheh)


Did this ever happen? I am trying to find it now and not having much luck!

It would be great if it was pinned at the top of the forum :slight_smile:

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@Joe found the post on MW:

Roadmap post on MW

I went looking for a thread about the feature tracker and the only one that wasn’t just a mention in another thread was this one, so I am revitalising it because I have a request.

First of all here is a link to the wiki page with all the planned features:

And here is my request… Is there any chance that the different filter types could be bumped up the cherry picking list please?

Of all the sound design things I keep wanting to do the requirement for band pass and high pass filters seems to come up waaaaay more than anything else!

I don’t want to disrupt anything in progress with whatever you are up to @odevices, but if these could get a look in I think it would open up a huge range of possibilities and be very much appreciated by more folks than just me.

Cheers :slight_smile:


For sure I also think this would be awsome.

Band pass filters would be so great! My friend let me borrow his RES-4, and I have really enjoyed pinging it to make all manner of woodblock, drum, and metallic sounds - I can’t help but think that I could make something similar with the ER-301 if I had bandpass filters - of course, a narrow enough bandpass filter approximates a sine (I think), so maybe I could get close, still need to try that!

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I know what you mean, I had a similar experience recently going through the build and test of the Random * Source Serge Q VCF - absolutely stunning!


I’ve heard great things about that filter!

By far the best sounding filter I’ve ever heard for sure… quite extraordinary! Bit of a mission to build… took pretty much a whole day! I really didn’t want to send it off to the person I built it for :smiley:


The VCFQ is really the best filter I have ever pinged. Having an emulation in the ER-301 (that will be shipped in less than two months! Yay!) would be more than great. :wink:

Just a little thread update to say that significant steps forward have been made with the filters in the v0.2.14 release!!

Oh yes :slight_smile:


Yep, I am thinking that now that there is a low pass and a high pass, that I can probably combine the two to get a bandpass in a custom unit, and then with the proper custom controllers, hopefully I can start experimenting with RES-4 type sounds

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Yeah - I am way too tired to do anything tonight, I’m just chilling, but I am so excited about this now high pass filter… it opens up a another entire world of possibility!

Be great to see what you come up with - the nice thing is that when a dedicated band pass filter does arrive, you will probably just be able to swap the filter pairs out :slight_smile:

Is the Roadmap still in effect? Loving all the work going into developing the utility and VCO side of the module but sadly missing some of the sample manipulation bits. Any news on these?

tempo-based slicing (aka slicing on grid)
automatic slicing based on onset detection
looping mode w/ cv-control of loop start(offset) and length
multiple sample buffers
next slice trigger
more slice types (bounce, jump, random)
option to turn off interpolation (or lo-fi version of player?)

Definitely still in effect. The list of feature requests is maintained here now:



I’m continuing to chip away at the list, however the priority for the next 2 weeks is documentation. We should see some of the items from the sampling-related feature requests in v0.3.x. I would like to promote v0.2.x to a stable release this month.


Great stuff Brian. Glad some of it is on your radar for v0.3 :slight_smile:


I’d like to add my plus one and thumbs up for work on the sampling related features to continue. While the ER-301 clearly states that it is a “Sound Computer” and there is a clamber in the desire factor right now for reverb and some other sound and synthesis manipulation options, I’m one of the people who bought it because early on it was primarily shown as a sampler (in my memory anyway).

I’m not really missing anything critical at this time and have been delighted working with new features as they emerge and in some way remain and GAIN being energized by the collaborative process Mr. @odevices has curated with his customers. I’ll likely be a bit saddened as the firmware moves to maturity and hope that Brian has another trick up his sleeve for an evolving piece of Eurorack gear that begs for community involvement.